BlogCrafts.com is a new site dedicated to… well, crafts! AND crafty blogs.

But who writes here?

My name is Char Huskins, and “they” (you know, college creative writing teachers) say you should write about what you know.  Crafting and creating – I know a little about.

I grew up in a creative, crafty household, and it was pretty much guaranteed that I would end up doing creative crafty things! After rebelling against crafty-ness for a few years (in my late teens, early twenties), I eventually accepted my fate and also accepted my tendency towards entrepeneurial-ness. (Yes, I know that’s not a word – but it works!)

I started a web design business Delight Design in 1997. I also started a candy wrapper business at the end of 1999. Over the last few years I have found my interests and business slowly shifting away from web design to “computer crafting” like designing candy wrappers, cards and digital scrapbook layouts, custom stickers, photo cards, etc. I launched a scrap-for-hire business and website in September, 2007.

And in 2008, I joined etsy.com with a shop for mostly photo cards and digital scrapbooking. And then another one shop devoted to digital invitations (now closed). And another shop for custom stickers, etsy banners, and blog design. Yes, I am a bonafide etsy addict. And unashamed about that!

In early 2010, I realized I was slowly burning out from all the time spent behind a computer screen. (So you know, here I am BLOGGING about it!) Anyway, I decided to look for a NEW crafty hobby, and I pulled out some old crochet hooks from a decade ago when I was crafting more regularly with my mother. (Who, by the way, ALSO has an etsy shop). I went shopping for some yarn, found a few free patterns online, and a NEW addiction was born.

And you know what happened next, right? I opened ANOTHER etsy shop. This time, dedicated to my crochet products. Hats and flowers mostly, with a few wash cloths and sweeper cover sets mixed in.

So, because I now have three active shops on etsy, I’m constantly online – and when I’m not listing items, I’m surfing, browsing, oogling shops, dreaming, wishing, heart-ing items. It only seemed right that I should share a bit of what I’ve found. And I am also a blog “gatherer”. Chances are, if you have a blog about crafts, I have you in my bookmarks. (And if I don’t, I WANT to have you in my bookmarks!)

And thus, blogcrafts.com was born. A place to share what I find. A place to share what YOU’VE found (yes, please let me know about YOU and YOUR favorite crafts and crafty blogs – send email to char @ blogcrafts.com)

I look forward to the sharing and the crafting and the blogging and the DIY’ing… and all the rest!