Sweet Funky Love etsy shop

My friend Amber recently opened up a shop selling adorable hand-made headbands and hair clips.  Her shop is called Sweet Funky Love, and she describes it as, “your place to find that perfectly sweet, perfectly funky headband, barrette and accessory!” Check it out:

I will for SURE be getting some of her headbands for my nieces for Christmas gifts!  Perfect gifts and stocking stuffers…

An October Pink Sale!

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, and my sister who is a breast cancer SURVIVOR, I’m having a quick little sale in my DelightCrochet.etsy.com shop this week.  You can check out the “October Pink Sale” section in my shop, and get 10% off any item in that section.   The sale will run through Thursday night.  (And if you see something in my shop that is NOT pink, but you would like it MADE in pink, just let me know!

Etsy Fun Finds – Aqua & Orange Treasury

I am enamored with treasuries.  It always astounds me that there are so MANY lovely items on etsy that I would never see except for by accident when browsing the treasuries pages.  I plan to make “Treasuries” one of my regular features here at BlogCrafts.com.

And I’m starting with this lovely one, curated by twillypop. I would never have thought to combine these colors into a scheme, but I’m loving it!  You can click the image to check out the items and treasury in more detail.

Send Me Your Etsy Minis

Because I’m slightly more than a little totally addicted to Etsy.com, I can guarantee that at least half of my posts will feature artists and crafters I find on etsy.  I love, love, love the idea of having a blog that not only promotes what I do (in a small way), but also offers an opportunity for others to promote what THEY do.

I hope to make it VERY easy for etsy shop owners to advertise here on BlogCrafts.com.  And one of the ways I’ll do this is with the Etsy Mini Page.   Do you have an etsy shop?  Send me your etsy mini code, and you’ll be added to the page!*  For now I’ll just add them as they come in, but if it grows too large for one page, I’ll break the minis into categories for easy viewing.

So… email me your code, folks!  char @ blogcrafts.com (without the spaces).  Please select thumbnail size of 75 and 1 column, 3 rows when creating your code to send my way.

*I reserve the right to refuse any etsy mini with items that might clash with my “family friendly” atmosphere.  Thanks for understanding!

Halloween Pumpkins

image from RealSimple

Well, here it is…almost the end of October, and my kids have been begging me to carve a pumpkin already.  We’ll be visiting the local pumpkin farm in the next couple of days, and in preparation, I started searching for fun and original ways to carve or decorate a pumpkin.  Here are some of the links/projects I found:

image from MaddyCakes Muse

Featured blog – Creations By SAZ

I come from a very talented, crafty, creative family.  Mother, sister, grandmothers, aunts.  All crafty!

Today I want to share a few photos from my aunt’s blog – Creations By SAZ.  She makes THE most exquisite cards – all pieces of art, every one.   Here are a few she made for Halloween this year:

Gorgeous!!  You can see more cards and treat bags and other fun designs on her blog.

Halloween Cake Pops

I am a new fan to Bakerella.com, and I’ve been browsing her archives for a couple of days now.  I found these adorable trick or treat cake pops, just in time for Halloween parties this year, and just had to share!

Courtesy of http://www.bakerella.com

I decided to do a swagbuck search to see what ELSE I could find in the Halloween Cake Pop world, and here are a few more images/links:

  • All Things A Ro – she used Bakerella as inspiration, and she also designed a cute candy corn cake pop
  • Squirrel Bakes – I just love the simplicity of the design on these pumpkin cake pops
  • Family Circle –  sweet, simple halloween cake pops
  • Little Miss Sweet & Spicy – it’s a little early for Thanksgiving, but how totally adorable are these turkey cake pops?

Halloween Party Invites

If you are having a Halloween party this year, you have probably already sent invites, but in the off chance that you are running a bit behind (like*cough*me*cough), here are some great choices for those last-minute digital and/or printable designs.

From LukeCommaSara


From BirdCraftsShop


From tomkatstudio


From GoMakeMe