Blogs You Need to Read: Tutorial for Repurposing a Sweater into a Purse!

So, I have officially decided that my new feature for Wednesdays is going to be “Blogs You Need to Read”, and oh my goodness, I can’t wait to share today’s blog and link.

I found this FAB tutorial on A Lemon Squeezy Home – for using a sweater to make a purse!  I really can’t have enough purses and totes lying around, and I really want one that will work well for carrying my crochet to and from dance class and karate and art class and… well, everywhere else.  I love, love the look of this… don’t you?


I am trying to figure out which one of my old sweaters to use (ok, maybe not… I might go hit the thrift stores instead)… but I am so going to try and make one of these!  Again, here is the link to Lemon Squeezy Home and the tutorial.


Do YOU have a blog (or post) we NEED to read?  I would love to feature your tutorials, guest posts, fun ideas… and more!  Just send an email to and let’s chat!

More Ruffles – DIY Lamp Shade

We talked about ruffles yesterday, and I can’t help it, but I am sort of on a ruffle kick now… so, check out the tutorial I found from Winder and Main.  It’s for a DIY ruffle lamp shade, and oh my, so cute!


What would YOU put ruffles on?  I’m thinking about curtains, blouses for my daughter, skirts for my daughter, pillows… and so much more!

Super Cute Sewing Project – Learn to Sew Ruffles

I recently stumbled across a super cute blog called Crazy Little Projects, and her “Learn to Sew” series.  I have some basic sewing knowledge, but my machine and sewing needles are definitely dusty, so I was excited to find her series.

I am probably going to jump right into Lesson # 5, “How to Sew Ruffles”… because… well, I have an almost 6 year old daughter who LOVES everything ruffle!  I personally want to do some tailoring to my daughter’s blouses, but the ruffle tote bag is really cute too!  Check it out:



Again, the “Learn to Sew Ruffles” lesson is HERE.