Blogs You Need to Read: Tutorial for Repurposing a Sweater into a Purse!

So, I have officially decided that my new feature for Wednesdays is going to be “Blogs You Need to Read”, and oh my goodness, I can’t wait to share today’s blog and link.

I found this FAB tutorial on A Lemon Squeezy Home – for using a sweater to make a purse!  I really can’t have enough purses and totes lying around, and I really want one that will work well for carrying my crochet to and from dance class and karate and art class and… well, everywhere else.  I love, love the look of this… don’t you?


I am trying to figure out which one of my old sweaters to use (ok, maybe not… I might go hit the thrift stores instead)… but I am so going to try and make one of these!  Again, here is the link to Lemon Squeezy Home and the tutorial.


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