Digi Design Monday – Getting Started

I can distinctly remember the first time I realized there was a “digital scrapbooking” industry.  It was around 2004 or so, and I had already been a web designer for several years.  At that time, I enjoyed my own form of digi-scrapping, mostly through personal websites – you know… a blog, before blogs were “cool”.


I was often frustrated with the limitations though.  Quality graphics were hard to come by, and I could visualize what I wanted a website to look like, or a cute photo enhancement to look like, but creating that with “pixels” was time consuming and difficult (and often impossible – mostly because my imagination is better than my digital artistry skills!)

The day I found “digi kits” for sale was a happy, happy day.   Finally there were other people just like me out there, trying to design, create, and SCRAPBOOK on their computers.  I suddenly didn’t feel “weird” anymore for trying to do something others did with paper and glue.

When I look back at my first digital scrapbook attempts, I have to chuckle a little bit.  Here is one of the very first digital layouts I did when I discovered digi-scrappin’.  I made my own papers, my own frames, and my own little buttons or pins (or whatever those black things are supposed to be).


Now, it’s not BAD, per se.. but times and tools (and skills) have changed!  (But, oh do I miss that little boy and his curls!  He’s twice as big now!)  To contrast that layout with another, here is one I did just a couple of years later..


You’ll notice digital staples, better digital papers, even some digital stitching… a definite improvement over the first attempt.  (But still, adorable kiddo!)  Nowadays you can find almost anything you desire in graphic or digital format – flowers, buttons, stickers, chalk and grungy looks, and even fur!  We’ll talk about where (and how) to purchase these kinds of products over the next few weeks.

A GREAT place to get started?  Check out the free tutorials (and supplies) at ScrapGirls.com. Now this is just ONE place you can check out (out of hundreds and hundreds), and we’ll talk about many others too, but I wanted to leave you with at least a direction this week.

And in the meantime, if you have questions about digital scrapbooking or digital design, I’d love to hear them!