Digi Design Mondays

I’ve been designing “digitally” for over 15 years – websites, graphics, banners and headers, party favors, digital scrapbooks… it’s a passion for sure.

And I have decided to chat about digital design on Mondays, so I can tell you about fabulous digital designers, software you can use to create your OWN designs and/or use the digital products you purchase, awesome etsy artists who sell their digital designs… and oh, so much more.  Really, there is so MUCH to talk about, that I almost don’t know where to start!

But, start I shall!


I am in serious “birthday mode” right now, because all three of my children have birthdays in the next few weeks.  A few days ago it dawned on me that a great gift for my daughter would be to finally, FINALLY, get some of her digital scrapbook layouts printed and put into book form.  Her big brothers have scrapbooks with layouts from their early years printed, but she doesn’t.  Honestly, I’m woefully behind on creating layouts for ALL of them, but even the designs I DO have done for her, she can’t see unless we sit down at my computer and look through the files.

Anyway, I started digging around on my external hard drive, looking at layouts and deciding which ones to print, and I found these adorable “quick page” layouts I made after Martha’s 1st birthday party.  If you don’t know what a “quick page” is, well.. welcome to Digi Design Monday!  Let’s chat about quick pages for a few!

If you are new to digital scrapbooking, I highly suggest working with quick pages to get a good start.  These are basically pre-done pages where you can slip in your photo, add some text if you like, and save!  Designers create pages with their kits, or around specific themes, and you can purchase them to quickly and easily finish scrapbook pages.

I didn’t even add text to these, since the designer (Kay Miller – check out her quick pages here) already had included word art.  These are 4×6 quick pages, but you can get them in all sizes – 4×6, 8×10, 8×8, 12×12.. and more!

You will need some kind of graphics software to use quick pages, and we’ll start talking about various options for this next week.  In the meantime, here are links to more digital scrapbook quick pages:

Special Offer from JazzyPatterns

For all you digital creative design types, I have a wonderful special offer for you today. Tatjana of JazzyPatterns is giving all the readers here at BlogCrafts a 15% discount on all purchases in her shop! The coupon is good for one week – today through November 6th. Her shop is FULL of fabulous digital goodies for card making and crafting. Check out a few of my favorites:

Now for a few specifics about the coupon code!  There are a few “step-by-step” details to follow, so read carefully!

The coupon code:  BLOGCRAFTS
15% off entire order (no minimum purchase required)

Tatjana uses 2checkout.com in her shop, as PayPal doesn’t offer seller accounts in Croatia yet.  BUT through 2checkout, you are able to pay safely with PayPal or credit card. You don’t even have to be registered with 2checkout to be able to pay.

How To Pay:
1. During checkout in JazzyPatterns, select ‘OTHER’ payment option and Tatjana will send you 2Checkout invoice by email with payment link.
2. Click the payment link in your 2Checkout invoice
3. Enter coupon code in the coupon box and click “Update Cart” button
3. Select ‘PayPal’ or ‘credit card’ to proceed with payment

And that’s it!  So… what are you waiting for?  Head on over to JazzyPatterns and start drooling over all her lovely designs – and then get 15% off your order!

Halloween Party Invites

If you are having a Halloween party this year, you have probably already sent invites, but in the off chance that you are running a bit behind (like*cough*me*cough), here are some great choices for those last-minute digital and/or printable designs.

From LukeCommaSara


From BirdCraftsShop


From tomkatstudio


From GoMakeMe