How To Crochet a Ruffle Scarf ~ DIY Ruffle Sashay Scarf

One of my passions is crocheting, and helping others learn to crochet (or at least enjoy the crochet items I make for them!).

Last fall, I decided I really, REALLY wanted to make some of those super popular ruffle sashay scarves, and I set out to find a crochet pattern for them. (Just to be clear, “Sashay” is a specific type of ruffle yarn from Lion Brand).  Anyway, after much searching for patterns, I ended up creating my own, because all the patterns I found were rather difficult to follow.

Would you like to make your own Sashay Ruffle scarf? Now you can!

I have turned my pattern into a downloadable CROCHET pattern to teach you how! The pattern is easy to follow, and if you have basic crochet skills, you can have a ruffle scarf made in a very short time!

I include photos and a step-by-step description of how to make the scarf, and I also include simple instructions on making them child-size.  I have taught people with little-to-no crochet experience how to make these, so I know YOU can make one too!

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